MC Management History: Retail and Office properties in Houston

When Joseph F. Meyer, Sr. was just sixteen years old, he started a hardware and wagon wheel parts store, The Jos. F. Meyer Co., in downtown Houston, Texas on the corner of Milam and Franklin; the year was 1867.  With profits from his store, Joe, Sr. began to purchase land in what became southwest Houston eventually accumulating around 6,000 acres of farm and ranch property that was known at the time as the “Meyer Pasture.” He also purchased several small buildings in what is now the Market Square Historic District in downtown Houston.  While several of these downtown properties have been sold through the years and eventually demolished for grander projects, we still own a handful of these historic structures.

The Meyer family began developing the southwest Houston property in 1958 under the name of Meyer Properties, and in 1978 we changed our name to MC Management and Development, Inc. The MC are the initials of the Meyer and Carrington families who are descendents of Joseph F. Meyer, Sr.  Over the years the firm has developed and/or acquired residential subdivisions, apartments, warehouses, office and retail properties. Now in the fifth generation of family ownership, the company’s focus is mainly on retail and office properties in Houston. Currently, the company owns and manages nearly 1,500,000 square feet of commercial space at about 40 sites and has in excess of 50 acres of undeveloped land in inventory.

Third generation director, Joseph F. Meyer, III, gave us our mission statement that we strive to live by each day, “We’ve been in Houston for almost 150 years and have seen the good times and the bad, and we’re not going anywhere.  Our company’s reputation was built on honesty, integrity,  fair negotiations, and hands-on management, and that’s why we have many tenants who have been with us for over 20 years.”

Whether your retail, office or storage needs are large or small, give us a call and let us show you around the Meyer Pasture!

Joseph Meyer

Joseph F. Meyer, Sr.

Brays Bayou

Original Survey – “Meyer Pasture”

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